Jesse Carlton : The Charismatic Leader

I believe a bad idea in action is better than a good idea on paper.

11999046_1629322347355642_5387190453539241756_nTell us briefly things about you.

Jesse Carlton Happy Ndongo is my full name. Elder son of a family of 5 kids. Passionate about business coaching, writing, and Baking. 🙂

How did you get the idea of Smile4Peace? What were the difficulties ? And the solutions to achieve this project?

  1. It was an idea suggested to me by the very special Kate Mouliom and the name was inspired by Mother Theresa who says, peace begins with a smile. I believe the biggest obstacle would have been the courage to travel to a war zone. However, i guess the love for brothers and sisters was bigger than the fear of the enemy.

It is our courage that inspired us to have the adequate speech and strategies that inspired over 200 cameroonians to believe in us.

13061985_10207373901559488_2450665935765327628_nBesides Smile4Peace, what are your other activities?
I’m into marketing and motivation via a company called CT consulting. We enable companies develop a strong personality and assist them in social media activities. Then motivation has to do with team building and basically enabling the staff to grow on a personal level inorder to be better professionals.
What is your opinion on Humanitarian in Cameroon? Is it preferable that this area is affected more by the young and less by NGOs?
I think you said the same thing. Youths and NGO’s comes back to the same because you will have the youths working in the NGOs. In every civilisation, youths are those that are the engine. Youths have the ideas and energy to make things evolve.
However, we need the wisdom of the elders in order to learn from their mistakes and do better. So i’m glad to see that more youths are getting involved in humanitarian actions. It contributes to developing human skills that are needed to implement the technical skills learnt in school.
1452506_10201436331483947_597360756_nIn general, what do you think of the actions of young Cameroonians now? Do you think these actions have or will actually have an impact on the development of the country ?
I think every single action is relevant. I believe a bad idea in action is better than a good idea on paper.
However, there might be alot to be done in the structure. The actions might not always be accurate or perfect, but if you never act, we wouldn’t even be able to notice the problem.
So i encourage anybody reading this to act! . One thing i learnt from Trump will be; It doesn’t matter how much you know when you start, all that matters is what you learn as you move along.
After Smile4peace, what will be the next step for you ?
The program is called « Sécurité Naturelle ». The purpose is to facilitate 100 direct or indirect occupations for youths in the city of Maroua. By so doing, it will contribute to bringing back the economic situation. Once the economy is strong, the social sphere and ofcourse security too gets stronger.
Where could we follow you ?
A message for all the Cameroonians ?
Nous sommes tous une pièce du puzzle et dans un puzzle aucune pièce n’est inutile.


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