De la maladie à la création d’Entreprise…. Rencontre avec Zommi Vanessa

It may seem hard but always look at the bigger picture and remember to do your best and God will do the rest. Il faut OSER!!!

Vous êtes fraiche , jeune , vous aviez des opportunités après vos études au Connecticut , pourquoi avoir choisi de créer votre entreprise au Cameroun ?

I currently pursue a master degree in chemical engineering at Villanova University USA. my source of inspiration and strenght is from Cameroun and so i decided to start a company here. As a young leader i believe that charity begins at home and so i used my experience, knowledge , skills and story to help cameroonians while inspiring them.

Pouvez vous nous parler du processus de création de votre idée à la réalisation?

I started researching in 2013 after i had heard my mom was suffering from diabetes. I then discovered the miracle plant Moringa oleifera and its health benefits. i attended agropastoral Shows where i met with farmers who helped me grow our own moringa farm to ensure sustainability of the raw material, the moringa leaves. With my pocket allowance and the seed fund from the Ashoka Organization, i was able to produce my first ever Moringa Tea.

Les étals des marchés et supermarchés camerounais sont bondés de marques de thé en provenance de divers pays, et principalement de la Chine. Comment comptez vous vous faire une place localement ?

First of all, we sensitize people on the nutritious facts of our moringa tea and how it will improve their health. Also, we are working on our branding to make it unique, attractive, and appealing to customers at first sight. Our brand will be marketed as an African brand which is intended to showcase the beauty and strength of the continent in a single pack of tea. Finally, we carry out corporate social responsibilities which speaks about the social aspect of our business and how it is different from other regular tea businesses.

Qu’est ce qui différencie votre thé d’un autre ?

Our tea is made of 100% pure moringa leaves which are much more powerful than any other plant. A leaf of moringa contains 7* Vit C of orange, 5*Calcium in Milk, 4* Vit A in Carrot, 3* Potassium in Banana and 2* Protein in Yoghurt. The tea is processed and dried in a natural manner. No additives are used and so all the nutrients are preserved.

Comment est-il produit ?

The moringa seeds are planted in moist soil. After a period of about 4-6months, the leaves are harvested, cleared from debris, washed, dried and then mashed into small pieces. They are then sieved and packaged at room temperature and pressure.

Peut-on le trouver sur l’ensemble le territoire national ?

We sell our tea at 1000 FCFA per sachet only and can be found in Yaounde at La Maison du Café , Buea (Klass Computers Ltd opposite Unics, Molyko) and Douala (Klass Computers Ltd opposite Immeuble Socar, Akwa). For any inquiries or orders, you can please reach our sales department through +(237)651-694-28.
The society in which we are is not flexible with gender equality especially regarding the women.

Le 8 mars 2015 avait lieu le « Women empowerment and Gender Equality » organisée par vous qu’est ce qui vous a motivé à organiser cet événement ? la femme camerounaise n’est pas consciente du pouvoir qu’elle a ou la société camerounaise ne lui donne sa juste valeur ?

I always had a thirst for women empowerment and gender equality. Being a woman who has been in various leadership positions and having faced multiple challenges, I thought it wise to address certain issues concerning women empowerment. I was privileged to be chosen as the student campaign coordinator of the UN-HeForShe program in West Africa and so worked together with the student government and school authority of the Catholic University Institute of Buea to organize the first ever UN-HeForShe Event in Cameroon.
Our mission was to encourage men and boys to advocate for women empowerment and gender equality. For men to see women as partners and not competitors. For men to understand that feminism is men equal to women not women are greater than men. Together, we had a turnout of 459 people attending the event on a Sunday with 75 percent of the attendees being men.
I think some women are not conscious of the power and values they have and at the same time the ecosystem in which we are found, is not yet flexible with the idea of gender equality especially regarding the women. It will take time but I believe gender equality is a reality and not just a myth but women should learn how to use their powers not to oppress the men but add value to the society.
I would advise everyone to be bold, courageous and daring to follow that dream they have always wished for.

What would be your message to empower youngs ladies ?

To all young ladies, I advise everyone to be bold, courageous and daring. To follow that dream you have always wished for. People will only respect you after they have seen a value in you and so to the young ladies work on creating value for yourself. It may seem hard but always look at the bigger picture and remember to do your best and God will do the rest. Il faut OSER!!!


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